A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A survival story set on an unknown island!

A holiday vacation goes completely wrong after your plane crashes onto an unknown island. You play as the protagonist of the story who manages to survive the crash along with a few survivors. Secrets lie uncovered on the  unassuming looking island, which will be intertwined with the struggle for survival and the fates of your newly found companions.

Stranded is a visual novel that presents a number of choices which will decide the future of  your own existance along with that of the group. Story progression is placed completely in the players hands- You will need to contend with both uncovering the secrets of the island and forging favourable relationships with the rest of the cast in order to achieve a perfect ending.  

Warning: This game contains blood, violence, profanity, graphic descriptions of deaths, aspects of psychological horror, and features same-sex romance between mature furry adults. Viewer discretion is advised.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorThe Stray Project
GenreVisual Novel


com.strayproject.stranded-release.apk 93 MB
Stranded-0.1.1-mac.zip 75 MB
Stranded-0.1.1-pc.zip 110 MB

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I saw a lot of clues that the story might go to a really cruel way, I mean if I'm getting it right lol, please don't be, the artworks are way too cute for them to go in flames lmao (REALLY LOVE THE CUTE SPRITES AND CHARACTERS!!)

Hey! I just downloaded it and if you need help with translating at Spanish, I would love to 

We do translate the game in Spansih! It coming soon!

Man, this game is so amazing! Not gonna lie… Although, I was thinking if you could translate it in Bulgarian? Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m disappointed or anything. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really cool. I was just wandering if you could do that, that’s all. Apart from this, I’m really interested and excited about how the story’s about to go. Go Team Stray Project!

We need to find someone that can help up translating fo Bulgarian tho.. So far I don't think we have someone that able to do that yet.


Well, is there anything I can do to help?

I'm gonna have to erase this game because using to much storage, I'll get it back once the update is released notify me please :|


BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA IMAA DIE LOL💀... i love all of your characters . lucy's judging face ... made me WHEEASE lol i look forward to seeing more of this series :3


permission to translate the game to Indonesian? Pretty please 🥺

Dm us on twitter! 


The game is very detailed and has amazing art but it's sad that it has only like, 20 minutes of story for now

The game is soooo GOOOOOD in fact the best game ive played so far but i was half mad and sad at how all of the sudden you got taken back to the main screen.

kap on your ID




I played the game and i was wondering.What is the specie of the main character?


It gonna be reveal soon

im guessing human but oh well 





I will be honest, I am Russian, I write everything through a translator, but I want to say one thing.. This game is wonderful, the author is beautiful! 

My favorite character is Owen. Yes. 

The drawing of the characters is beautiful, the background is very beautiful and pleasant to look at. Music is a paradise for the ears. 

I wish the author good luck in life) 

I will wait for the continuation 💙 ¦>


we found someone who willingly translate the game in Russian so in the next update you can change it to Russian language.. so you won't be trouble to translate anymore <3




I wish you great luck with the novell and not only ¦>

I'll be looking forward to ^^💙


I played the game and loved it, but it ended a bit to soon. Wonder when the next update comes really looking forward to it!! 😃


I played this months ago, I just forgot to leave my comment (sorry about that). This VN is great, the chracter designs fits so well, I really liked it ( specially the FOX! OMG). But anyways I liked everything about it, and I will look forward for the next update!


are there gonna be updates for this game?


I think most creators get overwhelmed or just can't allocate the time needed to develop a game in a consistent and frequent timeframe; either this game will have big updates but with months in between, or this is just the beginning phase, and the updates become more freuqent gradually. I'm not sure, just my idea.


Yes Cheerios you were right.. writing script is the only thing that slowing the project but once it done the updates will become more freuqent gradually.. We just need to finish the script first.. the current progress for the script is 4 out of ???



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Hi!. Umm.. I wanted to ask a question. how can I get notified or get a notification whenever a new part of the game is released?. As in like a twitter or discord or something along those lines..because i will forget this vn ever existed soo i need something to remind me. .can anyone help me? thank you.(btw i loved the detail of this game! and also.. i love lucy's *judges you* moments. they always get a laugh out of me. i look forward to playing this game once the update is out)

I think you can set up notification in twitter whenever we posting something new and thanks! 

alright, thanks!.


Does this game have NSFW scenes


Is it worth playing?


No it doesnt and currently its very small but it's def worth playing and keeping up with once it eventually does get updated


Correction about NSFW part.. "not yet"


That "not yet" part knocked me out my chair


Well. I must say that i'm impressed. The art design is AWESOME ! Like, this is so nice to watch ! The characters are insanely well designed (i laughed so hard when i saw lucy's judging face ! It's that kind of detail that make a game a good game). In addition, the storyline is intersting, what's gonna happen ? That's one of the question i'm asking to myself when i play the game, and i can assure you that i will be there for every single update (i consider very seriously being a patreon) in order to have an answer to this question. Anyway, you may have understood, but i love this game, like, a lot. This is a masterpiece ! Keep it going ! (I also would love to know if there is a discord server for this game, because it deserves a discord server, and if there isn't a server, i'll make one myslef ! haha :D)



We do have a discord server! it in our twitter


Will this be continued?!


yes actually! the devs are working on this alot (according to what ive read)

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OTS of this game is amazing! 

Can I get authors' social?



honestly though wtf


TBH I feel like I should be paying money for this lol.

 its so good, colourful and cute. can't wait till its out!




We working on it almost everyday.. so when it finished we can smoothly update the games every month to avoid the postponed on the release for a every few month


I really appreciate that


do you guys have a n ETA on the next updates?


1+ year? 




Descargue el juego para Android pero no se como ir guardando el progreso, abajo me salen opciones y entre ella esta "save" pero no me funcionan, presionó esas opciones pero no pasa nada entonces no puedo avanzar porque siempre me toca empesar de cero... y ademas el juego solo esta en inglés? Porque no entiendo mucho ese idioma :(

Where is the Chinese translation?



Fantastic work, when is the next update expected to arrive?


Gonna be in a while since we planned to finished all the script first 


Ok thanks for letting us know, take all the time you need


its been awhile is this still being worked on?


yeap it still be working on










There is already Chinese. Thanks nekopanda, 泡澡的inko and other staff.


How do I make Kim shirtless TOT, I saw him in the files shirtless

really? show me

Maybe it was for the future update

Deleted 130 days ago

Bro, you're that one teachers pet who always snitches on the smallest things that happened years ago 

Interesting story' and character,i like this game


Extremly awsome game! I enjoyed the game so much! Looking forewards for the next updates with such desire.


Hello, I really like your game! And looking forward to the update of this game. Don't rush, we'll wait as long as it takes.


These people seem nice


this is not an edited image btw


Its beautiful


wow beautiful gameplay smh


hell is hot


as are the characters in this pic can i get an amen


Please tell me, will there be more coming out for this? I think this is a great demo (or whatever this is to be considered). I hope you work on it more. It is great so far.


it still the work in progress.. we just had a problem writing the script efficently making the games gonna take a while to be released


I'll be willing to wait! If you need testers, I'll do my best to help! Also, what engine are you using for this? I see it being used for a lot of VN's.


It's Renpy

Thank ye!




Looking forward to the follow-up, I wish this game better and better

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AN UPDATE??? Well let's go!

How u get update beccause Im new


If you click on the more information it will tell you how recent was the update. I think it's just a grammer update since they themselves didn't post it

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