A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

A survival story set on an unknown island!

A holiday vacation goes completely wrong after your plane crashes onto an unknown island. You play as the protagonist of the story who manages to survive the crash along with a few survivors. Secrets lie uncovered on the  unassuming looking island, which will be intertwined with the struggle for survival and the fates of your newly found companions.

Stranded is a visual novel that presents a number of choices which will decide the future of  your own existance along with that of the group. Story progression is placed completely in the players hands- You will need to contend with both uncovering the secrets of the island and forging favourable relationships with the rest of the cast in order to achieve a perfect ending.  

Warning: This game contains blood, violence, profanity, graphic descriptions of deaths, aspects of psychological horror, and features same-sex romance between mature furry adults. Viewer discretion is advised.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(533 total ratings)
AuthorThe Stray Project
GenreVisual Novel


com.strayproject.stranded-release.apk 169 MB
Stranded-0.2.0-mac.zip 157 MB
Stranded-0.2.0-pc.zip 162 MB

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So, what do we got now...

Beru, Softfull doughboy;

Oven... okay okay, Owen. Lil monke... fine, otter;

Lucy. The only one character, who pumped intelligence;

Kim. My type, inspire, athletic and cheerful guy, love him (just like... everyone here?)

And Terry. Not badmouth him, he's good. Guy is just playing "The Forest", "STRANDED Deep" irl, he just forgot to set privacy on "private', not even "friends only" (he doesnt have friends).

Btw, abot Stranded Deep, no, im not gonna say that Stranded Deep and Stranded quite similar on the title ('cause i already done that). I just imagine Terry flying on palm tree for helicopter and saying: "Im not gonna stay with those idiots"


Could Kim and the main character have already died since eating fruit?

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Good game! Can't wait for future updates! Really hooked me in with the mystery (and Kim's abs).

P.S. I noticed that there were 2 CGs that were blank and i figured those must be secret CGs so i tried to replay the game. I haven't done every option yet but i really want to know how to get the secret CGs! Please tell me on how to unlock them if you know how!

Edit: Spoilers(?)!








Ok so i think i found the secret CGs. It involves the berry option. If you let Kim eat the berries the first time, nothing happens. But go to that part again, let Kim eat the berries then wait for Lucy to realize the berries are poisonous. You get an alternate route where both you and Kim die! But suddenly... A mysterious being revives you back to the part before you berry part. Once the berry option appears, there's a 'REMEMBER YOUR MISTAKE' and if you wait long enough, the CG of Kim dead (idk how to explain it better) overlaps the screen.


Em português e em espanhol a legenda para de aparecer depois da primeira noite deles na ilha, gostaria de saber se isso tá acontecendo com outras pessoas e também gostaria de saber se vão conseguir concertar isso... Observação: eu jogo pelo celular (não sei se isso tem alguma relevância em relação a esse bug).

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The game is amazing, just played 0.2 and Im in love. The only thing I wish in the future patches is for mc to actually be of better use and to see how mc looks. Compared to the bunnys design, mc lacks true identity besides hints of charisma, perception and leader skills.

I also discovered by mere LUCK that there is a rare ending with Kim and I hope that you point out, that different possible endings from replaying the same choice routes in the game itself exist (just like how you bluntly point out the value of choices beyond the first one, during the 10 seconds choice explanation on the first night). You cant expect people to experience these alternative endings unless you hint that they actually exist. But subtly

Besides, everything so far is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I loved the game, truly amazing for it's current build. Here's hoping you finish it!

(Btw the part where the gruesome *REDACTED FOR SPOILERS* fades in is an awesome touch, love it!

Hello author, I have a question here. In the second half of the game, all other texts except for English disappear. Is this normal?

Deleted 26 days ago

The game is great, it can soothe the soul


Hoping for a double drop jskskdjakakksjdjd


I'll wait patiently for the update 🙏


will Terry have a r o u t e

I think they all will eventually? but it takes time and also idk the order each characters route is being released in lol


Well, I'm from Chile and the game is super good, it's just that the game starts out super well, it's just that after a while the dialogue doesn't appear in Spanish and you could fix that little problem 😅👍


I can't wait for more of this game to come out


There are some dialogues that appear in English and after a certain point the dialogues disappear for the Spanish language. Would it be possible to help translate the dialogues through a website?

How's the update now?


Why in Spanish the text the characters' dialogue disappear 😭


i think you should add more tags to this game

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Keep up the game

Deleted 65 days ago
Deleted 64 days ago

How much of this game is m/m? If most of it is m/f I'll download, but I don't wanna see a lot of gay sex...


Uhm theres only one female character, so the game is probably going to have majority gay sex. But there isn't any sex scene in the game yet.


But i wanna see gay sex

Y'all downvoting my comment cause I'm a straight man who don't wanna see gay sex T~T

Man I'm SORRY I didn't know this was a LGBTQ+ game that's why I was asking.


For some reason I feel empty after finishing the game content..." 💀

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man It says download on Android yet I can't even though I turned on install unknown apps :(

I want this game's update to be like this. Story from the beginning of the game until the end of the game.🙏🏻

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I'm waiting to follow the next chapter of this game, I want to know if the next chapter of this game will be playable soon. And oh, I wish there was Thai language, that would be great. Thank 

is this vn on hiatus?


They said the next build won't be for a while since they're focusing on completing the script


I am really surprised with this VN, specially with the menus and interface (not to disminish the others aspects of the VN of course). The "extra" menu is great, as it shows every sprite (even full-body), CG, background and even the music. The artstyle is also GREAT and the story is promising.

BUT, there is only 1 sprite per character (only changing the face expresion) and the development is VERY low, which could be a turn down for many people but we all have our lifes and stuffs so is understandable.

This VN is great even having so little content, just play it.


the art style is very cute :3


This game is great, the artstyle is great and the references make it funny. This is a game I really enjoyed playing.

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Its been months since this vn updated, I hope it's a double chapter drop

It updated in July

Is there chapter 3 yet?


porfavor podrían terminar la traducion al español 🥺


Tradução do 2 capítulo para o Português já está concluída?😭


How long does a build take to be completed?

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After they come to the second day, the subtitles shows empty in Chinese.

Android Version, 0.2.0


it has not been completely translated yet



is the game nsfw?


i loved it i need more of it please 

its not letting me download build 2.0 TwT


i want have same=sex romance between each of those mature furry adults




Maybe she is a secretive futa?

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