Demo Release

Hi, the Stray Project crew are happy to announce the release of our demo for both pc and android devices. Unfortunately, the demo will only feature the prologue of our game. We hope you enjoy this simple sneak preview of the game so far and will be happy to provide you with a satisfying product once everything has been completed and revised fully. Thank you for your continued support!

Files 112 MB
Jun 24, 2021
Stranded (Demo) Android.apk 96 MB
Jun 24, 2021

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Love it <3

Very much approve thus far..., now to get adjustments straight out of curiosity...   the Shephard is Now a Husky, the Red Fox is still a Red Fox, the Third Character is now a Polar Bear, added in a River Otter, and a Rabbit, and the MC was a Panda and now is ? :3 (no need to answer ? because you will be in VN)

nope there no character for the main character cause we want player to imagine themselves being the character rather than we created it ourselves to develop more feeling to it.. >wO

aw... but least now I know that you made it to be whatever desired!


Yush ii.. even tho it gonna be hard to make a romantic cgi now but we gonna try our best!

A prologue is still worth it =w =


Thanks! I appreciate that..