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Deleted 361 days ago

we still looking somewhere to slip in the *spicy* stuff.. probally in the bush or something XD

Deleted 361 days ago

His painting style is great and I am looking forward to the next game

Deleted 1 year ago

What happened?? I haven't played it yet, I was planning to till I saw this comment... Any context???

Deleted 1 year ago

you should just try the game ^^. Who the dev work with is not important. If he choose to seek the help of a "bad" guy then this is his choice. We have no right to judge it considering our lack of information considering their relation. (it is only my opinion but i dont think that it is right to try and hurt the dev and his project).

Deleted 1 year ago

First of, I quite proud that you going this far attacking me instead of my twitter.. second, we don't really have a goal for this game to go far since we doing this just for fun.. You being here just to rub the dirt on this game just make you look bad on yourself..

(1 edit) (+3)

you reacted fast thx ^^. I was kinda worried this comment could do harm to the project...


I'm so siked for another update 😄


heyy, ur pfp is really nice!! do u have the source still? or know the artist cause i like that style.

I have the image but I forgot what artist did it 😅, but I found it in twitter 

awww there wasnt a watermark? ;-;
also if you ever find out again can you tell me


This demo is kinda short, yet made me feel very hyped for what you guys are cooking for us in the backstage >w>

Looks like the story will be very interesting, I can't wait to see all the interactions we'll have with the other survivors and how our choices might affect the plot :3

One thing I'm wondering about though, I've heard you guys want us to imagine our fursonas as the main character instead of giving them its own design...isn't that going to make the creation of pictures (where us, the main character, is interacting with the other survivors) kinda hard considering the MC won't be allowed to appear in it at all? And, assuming you guys insert NSFW stuff here (idk if y'all actually will but this is just an example), this will be even more difficult for...obvious, wondering if y'all have considered giving the MC its own design or maybe a character creation thingy when we start off the game? Talking about the latter, I know, I know this is something hard to implement, but it doesn't need to be suuuuuper advanced where everyone can literally recreate their fursona here, no, a very simple one would do, just put some species there with some color options and call it a day (maybe not even the color stuff, just make the player say what specie their fursona is and done lol). Meanwhile, the former might make it easier for the artists to draw the pictures, considering they won't need to draw the MC over and over according to the specie the players choose...sorry for the big wall of text, this was going to be a simple question and became a suggestion as well pfffff x3, anyhow, I'm fine with having to imagine my fursona (this boy in my profile) as the MC, just wondering how y'all will handle the picture stuff VNs have tbh

And again, I'm really looking forward for the next updates, hope to see more from you guys soon :3, or not, no need to rush the development, take everything slowly and we shall witness a masterpiece whenever it's ready >:3


How do we access the full game? I'm willing to pay for it but I don't know how

The game still in the development but I appreciated the support <3 

Thanks, any idea when the full game or just more of it will be accessible? 

I have a doubt  beforewhen you entered to download the game, other images would appear but now they are changed to those of the game. What happened to the others?

Sorry my English is bad 

The game is getting rework and I might forgot to change it 

Thank you ^^

You probly get a million of these but when's an offical update comin? Idk what I'm asking but who know maybe I'll get an answer 😉


It gonna take a while that all I can say but I promised u the wait gonna be worth it

I bet it will be 😄

Show post...



I made an account just to say:

stop wasting your time. child

nobody needs to hear you rant about how much you hate furries despite you for some reason bothering to post your comment on a furry visual novel instead of ignoring it and mumbling to yourself.


It literally is a child: They used their student email address and we notified their school that they were spreading hate messages after suspending their account.


They got what they deserved


this make my day


my critiques to the creator(s) and thanks in advance:

you guys have been working well in your demo, keep it going at your own pace.
I will mentally support this Visual Novel Game, because i see this game content are done well, here is some feedback to help you in the future game development updates:

+you set up the tone just right for a misadventure and romantic themes, i want to see more development progress. 
Stick with what you guys have so far and build it and make the story themes firm and work out any bumps you feel are challenging.

and with a few suggestions, 
keep mastering the "voice" and attitude of the main character (the player), the voice of the character is good and keep creating the tone and the personality of the player. Do this to all your characters' aspects of their character development.

now to sentencing cleaning:
"A laptop, which I took out of the bag to take with me to my seat before throwing myself into my own seat, letting out a loud sigh of relief."

you could proofread and make it read it less clunky, as:
" laptop, which I took out of my bag before throwing myself into my own seat, letting out a loud sigh of relief." 

in That example, you can avoid using the same words too many times in  sentence and make it simple and smooth context sentence, and best part take your time smoothing out words and not be too repetitive.

+ ambience noise or sounds: i like how you use the choice of sounds for certain background context in the airport and airplane scenes, such as people in airport, emergency or sense of danger, and sounds of heavy movement, and slowly drowning into the sea!

this question is for the creator(s) of this project:

Who are the official team members that is working on this "Stranded" project?

our team is consist of 4 people.. A local fur that I know for a long time :)


my worst fear is my plane crashing and i was so close to closing the game :)

Had a lonely time...

Im still not reading it but as i read at the story.... I think its gonna be super awesome 


will there ever be nsfw content?


maybeeee~ who know~


That's it?! Haha I don't see any characters in the Demo. If it is a longer version is better

All the good boi will be released in the next update

Look forward to it😁


just wanna ask if the mc will have their own design?


Nope cause we decide to make player to imagine their own sona as a main character XD

I'm fall in love with the style! I wanna to play more!Come on!


Gonna take a while but believe me it will be worth it

My simping list extended once more~ husky, fox, otter and bear <3

Noice X3

I played the demo yesterday night and I'm impressed with new changes you have made since you last published the first version. I'm looking forward for the next update. :D

Oh god you been playing since last demo!? that more surprised me! Thanks you for your compliment and I'm very sorry that you playing the crappy version of this game and it took so much time to improve it..!

It's alright. It's great to see improvements from A to B.


Anyone else having this issue where all the words are...blurred?

does the text in game also blurred? 

Yeah, I clicked the top one and it brought me to what i assumed was the "put character's name here" dialogue but it was just all blurred.

weird cause it doesnt seem to happend to everyone else.. I try asking around if they know how to fix this.. Thanks for the feedback tho

Alright thanks

Haven't tried this game yet but I've had it happen for several other VN games using renpy too idk why. Yet playing those games on my cell no issues *shrugs* 

Might be an issue with the PC version then maybe?

This is actually a Ren’py bug, I’ve seen this being reported in the game Psychic Connections and according to the programmer it should be fixed in newer Ren’py versions.

I've never gotten so hooked so fast. The wait will feel as if it was an eternity~          😂

it probably will qwq 

Damn, I was already hooked and then it ended. 😭

That the plan~ XD sorry but we promise a good part coming much more later 

I'm looking forward to play the complete game 

Thank you! <3

This looks very promising! nice, just a minor detail, are there any plans to expand the name letter limit? It's kinda sad to not be able to put Alexander and just Alex haha


Consider it done! XD The reason why I only put small letter limit so the name wont go out the text box XD

Thank u!

Nice! Finally something to look forward to!

Thank you!

Deleted post

Other than demo release that all for now~ no update or anything

ahhh no mac


I will put the mac version as soon as possible

oh wow that was quick omg


Was sitting in front of pc so I do t right away XD

Deleted post

Thanks! We do better in the future! 


Python and Renpy are programming languages where you need to write one command on one line. Some of your text is simply not displayed due to the fact that you split the commands into two lines


for example:

"I turned my head to the left and saw a pale-yellow sandy beach where the bodies of some unfotunate
souls laid."

part '"I turned my head to the left and saw a pale-yellow sandy beach where the bodies of some unfotunate' - will be shown

part 'souls laid."' - wont be shown


Ah! I see thanks for the tips! I will make sure everything going just fine~ <3

(1 edit) (+2)

python can use semicolon to break commands instead of newlines.

and renpy is actually just python with some extensions to make it easier to create Visual Novel type stuff in.

X="hello world";print(X)
works the same way as 
X="hello world"

and inside of strings you can use an escape sequence (just put a \ at the end of the line) to have the interpreter ignore the newline character.


Thanks for the tips! I appreciate it.. I will make sure everything going to be okay

Sorry but would it be possible for this game to be made for android as well


I try~

Good luck and if u cant dont worry at least you tried which is perfectly fine by me

so what does the future look like for this game


New spirte New bg and more thing to discover~~

Is this dropped? :<

no we still currently in progress of making the script so it gonna take a while sorry for that


i thought the characters on the cover would be in the game-


maybe in the future


hey dude, i noticed that your english grammar isn't very great, maybe i could help with some stuff in-game so it's actually readable and understandable, i mean no offense


Thanks for pointing that out! its okay since it just a demo and our team will fix the grammar..


ight, yw

Cool game can i just ask for an android version cause it would be easyer for some people to play this .i had to use a friend's mac thx

will be in the future since it only a demo I didn't plan to publish a demon into the android version

(1 edit)

Ho ok thx for answering ^_^

will there be soft gay love interests? haha I already love this novel and I am shipping the characters. XD


oh~ there will be~ 


Am I the only one who was waiting for someone make a castaway VN story? I because I AM! XD


ah yes~ same here <3 that why instead of waiting for someone to create it.. I make it myself so people that have same interest like us will be happy yeay!


Somehow this game remind me of "The Forest". Despite all of that, nice setup for the story and adorable character looking forward to the next update <3


Ahhh thank you~ There will be more interesting thing in the future!

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